Self service Pseudo service launched

March 29th, 2012 by Rob Navarro

March 2012 – Sapior has launched a self service way to de-identify or pseudonymise sensitive data via its cloud servers.

Responding to requests to keep costs low, Sapior has launched a new service for users with sensitive data to initiate the de-identification process themselves. Once the CSV file has been selected, it is encrypted and then uploaded to Sapior. Once the file has been pseudonymised and the fields formatted back into a usable form, the user is emailed and able to download. Costs are dependent on job complexity with 2 free jobs to help assess suitability. Java is required to use this service (see

The self-service pseudo is built upon the Sapior zero-breach-risk eTTP platform. As such Sapior manages all the user salts/keys and is never able to view a single byte of unencrypted data and is therefore unable to breach the privacy of that data. This means there is no need to enter into a data sharing agreement (under the DPA’98) prior to using the service.

Unlike competitive offerings Sapior’s cloud service manages all secret salts and keys. The user is never expected to manage keys in order to get secure or linkable data. Data de-identified with the same account will be linkable across different data sets. Take comfort that Sapior’s research and development prevents you from falling into the most serious security traps and improve your productivity with our unparalleled ease of use.

Your search for a secure data de-identification and linking service is over! Try it today by clicking here.

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