Privacy Audit

You are aware of your compliance requirements. You have set up your data handling contracts. But how sure are you that your systems and processes are meeting the spirit of your agreements as far as privacy is concerned?

Building trust and confidence in your data handling

The news is littered with embarrassing stories of organisations that have followed the letter of the law with regard to privacy but have missed the spirit, alienated key stakeholders and seriously jeopardised expensive projects.

Privacy law is not yet developed enough to provide a good practical guide. In order to ensure that your various stakeholders (regulators, patients, staff, clients) are on board, you will need to do more than just what is required by law to engender trust and confidence.

Sapior can help your organisation by:

  • Reviewing new and current products and services from a privacy and ethics perspective with a deep understanding of your stakeholders’ concerns
  • Reviewing existing systems and processes (including data handling contracts, data collection, analysis and manipulation) in order to spot potential issues and improve privacy
  • Advising on implementing privacy compliant data management systems

ECC Approval (formerly PIAG)

We can also assist you from a privacy perspective with your application to the National Information Governance Board (NIGB) Ethics & Confidentiality Committee (ECC) for approval to access patient data under section 251.

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