Self service pseudo

Need to show you use pseudo functionality in line with DH guidelines? Need to protect data for research?

Sapior’s cloud-based self service pseudo service allows you to de-identify/pseudonymise data without needing a formal data sharing agreement with us. No sensitive data leaves your facility because it is all encrypted before it leaves your facility.

Data de-identified with the same account are consistently pseuded and therefore linkable. This is particularly useful for projects that need data for the same patients to be linkable across different data sets. You are never expected to manage secret salts or keys in order to get linkable or secure data!

As the national supplier of pseudo for NHS Spine/SUS 2004-2008, Sapior has the experience to ensure you get the most secure and usable results.

You simply pay a small fee for each file de-identified/pseudonymised. The system quotes you based on the job complexity and you are emailed when the results are ready to download.

Try it now, your first two downloads are free!

What you need to get started

  • Latest Java installed on a PC (need Admin rights to install)
  • Data in CSV or other delimited format
  • All ready to go? Then click here

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