Our De-identification solutions facilitate compliance with legal and NHS data policy requirements on the treatment of Patient Identifiable Data (PID) for health care management, research and other secondary uses. Sapior solutions provide clear evidence of applying best practices to significantly reduce privacy breach risks.

All of our solutions are based on our de facto national standard Pseudonymisation engine, as used by the English NHS Spine Secondary Uses Service (SUS). They provide the most robust NHS-grade pseudonymisation to fully meet pseudonymisation functionality requirements for the Information Governance Toolkit.

Sapior solutions de-identify and re-identify

De-identification – Sapior de-identifies PID by replacing it with shapeable pseudonyms. This is done on a consistent basis so that patient records are distinguishable and linkable, but not identifiable.

Re-identification – The ability to roll back to PID is given on a case-by-case permission basis to relevant users. This re-identification process is automated and eliminates manual, error-prone and time-consuming encryption key management issues.

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We offer a range of De-identification solutions depending on how frequently and how much data you need to de-identify.

The following matrix is a guide to our solutions based on usage frequency:
Daily Use Hosted Appliance Read more…

Cloud-based appliance provides full pseudonymisation functionality for total IGT compliance.

e.g. Commissioning collaboratives, sensitive data enclaves, etc.

Periodic Use

(15-52 times per year)

Pay-as-you-go internet-based service – SafeMerge (automated upload, some integration)

Remote software delivered via browser. Running in Sapior cloud and on local PC/workstation.

e.g. Medical/clinical audit, predictive modelling requiring regular data feeds (PARR/CPM), NHS & Social care interworking, etc.

Occasional Use

(1-15 times per year)

Pay-as-you-go internet-based service – SafeMerge (manually driven, limited configurability)

Remote software delivered and executed within browser and Sapior cloud.

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