BT Selects Sapior to Secure NHS Patient Data

June 28th, 2010 by admin

1 September 2005 – Sapior Ltd. announces that BT has awarded Sapior a nine-year contract to enhance data security and privacy for the new NHS Care Records Service. The Sapior Redbridge ES pseudonymisation solution will be used to de-identify sensitive patient information for use in secondary medical purposes rather than direct patient care.

Sapior has been selected as one of a number of suppliers working with prime contractor BT on the NHS Care Records service. This national patient record database will be one of the largest in the world and will eventually contain a summary care record for every NHS patient in England. The use of the Sapior pseudonymisation solution will ensure the confidentiality of these data, whilst they are being used for secondary activities such as financial transfers, management information and medical research.

“Sapior offers a mature, forward-looking data privacy solution that integrates easily and already meets significant future requirements,” explains Rob Story, NHS Care Records Service programme director, BT. “Sapior has been extremely responsive to the demands of this ambitious project.”

“Our significant experience in Business Intelligence enables us to understand and provide for the unique security needs of sensitive data being analysed or shared over extended time periods, as well as to accommodate the performance required by such a massive database,” said Robert Navarro, Managing Director of Sapior Ltd.

Pseudonymisation, a Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET), has been suggested by the UK Information Commissioner as a way to permit necessary access to patient information whilst hiding patient identities and other sensitive information. Also known as “reversible anonymisation”, pseudonymisation is essentially the replacement of identifiers – such as name, address or NHS number – with pseudonyms. Pseudonymised data can be used for audits, research, and administrative tasks or other work that requires access to relationships and trends in the data but not necessarily to all of the sensitive patient information.

More information about the NHS Care Records Service (CRS) Secondary Usage Service (SUS) can be found at:

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